5 Ways to Pamper Your Pup

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Editor’s Note: In January 2021, Persimmon Peak was renamed Persnickety Pets.

Celebrate your best friend with fresh treats, fun outings, and original art! Every week can be National Dog Week with these five easy ways to enrich your dog's life.

Persimmon Peak: Balou at Dog Days Barkery, Mobile, AL

1. Get treats (or toys) at Dog Days Barkery

If you’ve never been to this local gem, you (and your pup) are in for a real treat! Specializing in freshly-baked, flavor-packed biscuits, Dog Days Barkery is like a candy shop for dogs! In addition to their fun bulk bones (Balou’s favorite bedtime snack), Dog Days also makes an adorable selection of fresh cookies, birthday bones, and birthday cakes. They have a full range of nutritious treats, foods, and chews. Ask about their “Raw Bar” for some really wholesome animal treats (we haven’t met a dog who didn’t love these). If your pup prefers toys over treats, Dog Days also has a great range of soft and fillable toys. Their Fluff & Tuff toys are a favorite in our family - they’re softy and squeaky, but surprisingly hard to “kill.”

Dog Days Barkery is located at 5552 Old Shell Road A in Mobile, AL.


Persimmon Peak: Balou goes to the beach, Dauphin Island, AL

2. Plan an outdoor adventure day

Most pups love a good outdoor excursion and Mobile has lots of great dog-friendly outdoor destinations. If your pup loves a good hike, check out our guide for 6 dog-friendly hiking trails within one hour of Mobile. If you have more of a sun ‘n’ surf type of dog, pack a lunch (complete with dog biscuits) then head over to the Dauphin Island Public Beach for a relaxing afternoon in the sand. Leashed dogs are welcome on this beach and you’ll often see them cavorting in the waves.

Persimmon Peak checklist: what to pack for a trip with your dog


Not sure what to pack for an excursion with your pup? Grab our handy dog trip packing list to take out the guess work! 




Persimmon Peak: Neeko gets a playmate

3. Foster a playmate

Dogs are very social creatures that often enjoy the company of their canine fellows. If your pup loves getting social with other pups, why not host an extended sleepover with a playmate? Fostering a shelter dog is a wonderful way to enrich your pup’s life as well as the life of a dog in need. Spending time in a foster home gives the rescue pup a much-needed chance to learn about house manners and decompress from the bustle of a shelter setting. Even a weekend sleepover can be a great experience for a shelter dog! We do a lot of work locally with the Animal Rescue Foundation and they are always looking for foster homes for the dogs in their care. Learn more about fostering dogs with our guide to pet fostering resources.


Persimmon Peak: Take your dog to Serda Brewing in Mobile, AL

4. Grab drinks at Serda Brewing

If you’ve been checking off all the boxes on this list so far, then you probably need a little pampering/spoiling, too! Good thing Serda Brewing is a dog-friendly microbrewery with an impressive selection of craft beers. Round up your pup and bring them along to catch the latest brews in the tap room or enjoy a drink in their outdoor beer garden. You’ll often find other pups here, soaking up all the gushing and free pets that tend to be given out when cute pups are in the proximity of beer (so this is really an outing for your pup). Serda’s does a lot to give back to local rescue groups, so you can feel good about indulging in a drinks while your pup gets all the pets.

Serda Brewing is located at 600 Government Street near downtown Mobile, AL.


Persimmon Peak: Commission a portrait of your dog

5. Commission a pet portrait

You’ve given your pup everything on this list so far - what else can you do to show them how special they are? How about a hand-drawn portrait to hang over their dog bed? It’s been rumored that only the bestest doggos grace the walls with their images and your pup wants to join this elite crowd! Here at Persimmon Peak, we offer easy-to-frame 8”x10” custom pet portraits that would hang nicely over any dog bed. Our pet portraits are hand-drawn by our artist-in-residence, Jen, who uses rich colored pencils to capture your pup’s distinguishing features. Big goofy grin? Crazy wonky ears? Jen loves drawing dogs of all sorts. Immortalize and celebrate your pup by commissioning a pet portrait here.


🐾 Which of these "treats" did you & your pup enjoy most? Share how you pampered your pup by leaving us a comment below!

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