7 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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Editor’s Note: In January 2021, Persimmon Peak was renamed Persnickety Pets.

Want to show your favorite feline some love? Every week can be National Cat Week with these seven easy ways to spoil your kitty!

Persimmon Peak: 5 human foods that cats can eat

1. Cook up some tasty treats

Kibble and canned food day in and day out can get pretty boring, so liven up your cat’s diet with some fresh foods! Fully cooked human foods like beef/poultry, eggs, and seafood can be a healthy source of protein and fats. Make sure to offer these human foods unsalted and unseasoned - cats don’t need nearly as much sodium as people do and some seasoning blends can contain harmful ingredients.

Persimmon Peak: Treat your cat to a brushing session

2. Treat your cat to a good brushing

Short hair or long, all cats can benefit from a regular brushing. Not only does brushing remove dead fur and massage the skin, it also helps distribute oils on the skin’s surface that help condition your cat’s coat. A brushing session can be a great time to do a quick health check, too; look your cat over for any cuts, scrapes, lumps, or bumps. Most cats enjoy a soft brush like this Zoom Groom, although longer-haired cats will benefit greatly from a good shedding blade, like this FURminator. If your cat is new to brushing, be sure to introduce the process gradually and keep the experience positive by finishing each session with your cat’s favorite treats.


Persimmon Peak: golden roses cat collar on Luna, photo by Sasha Weekes Photography

3. Dress up your cat in a new collar

The finest piece of kitty neckwear is no doubt a fresh collar with a shiny bell. Our cat collars are made from soft, 100% cotton fabric and lightly padded for comfort. A bright silver bell adorns each collar and we only use breakaway buckles for safety. Help your kitty pick out a new collar from our cat collars collection.


4. “Marinate” your cat’s toys

Does your cat seem bored with their old toys? Before you give up on tired toys, try reviving them with a fresh catnip “marinade”. Place old toys in a clear plastic baggie with some fresh catnip, seal the baggie, and toss thoroughly. Let the toys sit in the baggie for a few minutes to really soak up that fresh ‘nip essence. Give the toys back to your cat and watch their old favorites come back to life! If you keep the catnip marinade tightly sealed in the baggie and out of the sunlight, you can use it for many rounds of refreshing marinade.


Persimmon Peak: Marmie and Kiowa enjoy a selection of cat boxes

5. Offer your cat a new box

Cats. Love. Boxes. Humans love giving cats boxes because they’re easy to find and (very often) free. Rotate out that dilapidated pile of flattened cardboard for a new, sturdy cardboard box. You can usually find fun boxes with pre-made cutouts at wholesale clubs like SAMs and Costco. Marmie would like everyone to know that a new box is the ultimate cat gift, thank you very much.


Persimmon Peak: Marmie enjoys an outdoor excursion

6. Take your cat on an outdoor excursion

To an outgoing or curious indoor cat, the outside world is ripe for exploration. Harness your kitty for a stroll around the backyard or set up a secure catio so your cat can enjoy the outdoors safely. Introduce outdoor excursions slowly and always supervise your cat while outside until you know how they react to various stimuli. Also be sure your cat is up-to-date on their heartworm and flea/tick preventives so they don’t return with unwanted guests. This article is a great resource for harness training.


Persimmon Peak: hand-drawn custom pet portrait by Jennifer Siow

7. Commission a portrait of your cat

Every cat we know wants to be treated like royalty. And what better way to honor your kitty than by commissioning a custom portrait of them to adorn your walls? Our custom pet portraits are hand-drawn in rich colored pencil by our artist-in-residence, Jen Siow. We proudly donate $5 from each portrait commission to the Animal Rescue Foundation here in Mobile to help more pets find their forever homes. Commission a portrait here.


🐾 For all the ways they make our lives better (and far more entertaining), we think every cat deserves to be spoiled, pampered, and doted upon. How will you spoil your cat this week?

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