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Hiiiiii guys! 

My name is Chloe "Princess" Penelope Bouton. I am SO excited to be sharing my life with you all, I literally can't stop smiling!

Ok, so first, I'm a Taurus sun, Gemini moon, Libra rising, and I love love LOVE being pampered. My perfect day would start with a nice warm bubble bath and a good shampoo massage. Then I'd have my humans blow dry my fur until it's velvety soft -- there's LITERALLY nothing like a good blow out for that extra boost of confidence.

If you wanna get on my good side, my favorite dish is lobster. Broiled until succulent, preferably flown in from Maine. You can TOTALLY taste the difference. Oh and it has to served with butter because that's like the ONLY way to eat it.

So one thing I think is fun is making my humans think they haven't petted me enough. I glare at them, and show them my booty until they realize I'm SUPER pupset. They call it the "Hold Me Now Hissy Fit" which is, like, a bit dramatic? I just think it's a good way to get more attention, so whatevs.

Anyways, that's me. Like and subscribe if you wanna read more about my life! Gotta run because it’s time for my full body massage from Mumzy and reruns of The Real Housewives. TTYL!

🐾 Chloe

Persnickety Pets: Chloe’s takeout request

Chloe Dogs Lobster Pampered Princess

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