Persimmon Peak: the Evolution of a Brand

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Editor’s Note: In January 2021, Persimmon Peak was renamed Persnickety Pets.

When I decided last fall to pivot my company from a service-based business to a product-based business, I knew I'd need to rebrand: a new name, a new logo, a new color palette, a new audience. It's exciting standing at the start of something new, but the infinite possibilities can quickly become overwhelming. First things first: what would I name it?

I only knew two things for sure about my new company so far: 1) I would begin by focusing on pets and pet products, and 2) I had no idea where this would lead me. Would it become the dream company that provides me with creative satisfaction and a sustainable income for years to come? Or would it be yet another iteration on the road to that dream? It was obvious that I needed a brand name that could grow with me over the next few years as I worked out exactly what my company will be.

It was mid-September when I set out to start this version of my company and where I'm from that means the start of fall. Although the experience is quite different here on the Gulf coast, fall is still my favorite season. Growing up in the Midwest, fall was a welcome respite to hot and humid summers (or at least, what I thought were hot and humid summers - I know better now!). Fall back home meant crisp, cool mornings, golden foliage, cozy scarves, and perfect hiking weather. Fall also meant long bike rides through the rolling hills of southern Indiana, where trees were laden with ripe orange persimmons perfect for snacking. It's the best time of year for outdoor adventures!

Persimmon Peak: a variety of persimmons

Top: American persimmon fruits. Bottom: the Fuyu persimmon.

Alright, so I had my favorite season, my favorite fruit, my favorite color: "persimmon" was definitely going to be part of the new business name. But it needed something else.

Building a business is undoubtedly an adventure and hands down one of the most challenging things I've done. I wanted to capture that sense of adventure in my new business name. I needed to feel inspired every time I saw or heard the name so I could be reminded why I was doing something so wild. After tossing a few words around, I settled on 'Persimmon Peak.' It sounded like it could be a solid, enduring mountain with good camping spots and lots of rugged trails to explore with a faithful pup. I'm also a sucker for alliteration (have you noticed?) so it was an easy decision.

With the name set, I compiled the following brand board to capture the essence of the company: long hikes, cozy campfires, comfort food shared with friends, and of course, the company of sweet pets. From these images I pulled my brand colors.

Persimmon Peak: the original brand board

The original brand board for Persimmon Peak.

My first logo was simple, but it did the trick. A basic orange circle with the brand initials served as our icon, while our quirky tagline "handcrafted for persnickety pets" accompanied the brand name. Up until June of this year, that logo served us well.

Persimmon Peak: the original logo

Our original logo.

As I developed the business these past months, I realized that I was connecting with people not over our shared sense of adventure or love of hiking, but over the quirky traits that make our pets so darn lovable. Our tagline in particular seemed to resonate with many people who couldn't wait to tell me about their persnickety pets - I've heard so many endearing stories simply because someone read this tagline on my sign or business card and just had to share. Having these sorts of exchanges was one of my favorite things about doing in-person craft fairs before the pandemic.

So now, I'm beginning to shift the company to focus more on the bond we share with our fur babies. I want to highlight and illustrate the quirks and personality traits that make our pets so endearing to us. While I'll still be creating collections of handmade pet gear, I'll be adding more of my art to the business as I bring some original Persnickety Pet characters to life!

Persimmon Peak: logo inspirations and ideas

The evolution of our new logo.

This new spirit of the company is reflected in our newly redesigned logo. Inspired by the sepals on a persimmon fruit, our latest logo is a stylish representation of the transformations we're undergoing here at Persimmon Peak. The bright, cheery colors still hint at sun-soaked adventures, but this is a design that can be appreciated by both hikers and couch cuddlers alike. Keep an eye out for the logo in upcoming illustrations!

Persimmon Peak: Marmie helps design the new logo
 Marmie helps design the new logo.

🐾 So far, we've covered why we started Persimmon Peak and how we came up with our brand name - what other origin stories would you like to hear? Let us know in the comments below.

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