What's in a Persimmon Peak Dog Collar?

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Editor’s Note: In January 2021, Persimmon Peak was renamed Persnickety Pets.

If you've ever wondered what goes into one of our dog collars, this post is for you! Keep reading to learn what materials we use and why we chose them for our classic dog collars.

Persimmon Peak: anatomy of a classic dog collar

Heavy nylon webbing

Heavy nylon webbing serves as the foundation of most of our dog collars. Thick and strong, yet soft and supple to the touch, nylon webbing won't stretch, rot, or mildew like leather. Our nylon webbing is made in the USA with a tensile strength of up to 4200 pounds, so you can trust it to hold steady even with a Marmaduke-sized pup. What we love most about using nylon webbing is all the beautiful colors we're able to offer!

Cotton fabric or grosgrain ribbon trim

Once a base is chosen, our classic dog collars then get a style boost with either cotton fabric trim or polyester grosgrain ribbon. While we do love the durability and ease of using grosgrain ribbon (it's the trim I used when I first started making pet gear back in 2014!), it can sometimes be hard to find a pattern in the 3 dog collar widths we offer. That's why you'll often find our collars trimmed in cotton instead. There's an infinite world of quilting cotton out there and we can cut the fabric to any width necessary to make sure we can offer a new design in a size suitable for every pup

Welded steel D-ring

As the attachment point for a leash, the D-ring is perhaps one of the more important parts of our collars. All of our dog collars use nickel-plated steel D-rings that are welded together for greater strength and security. You won't have to worry about these D-rings bending or popping open like their non-welded counterparts, and the nickel plating means they're resistant to rust and corrosion.

YKK side-release buckle

Perhaps the most important security feature of any dog collar is the buckle! It has to be strong enough to stay closed on a pulling or lunging dog, but pop open in a split second in the event of an emergency. We chose to use YKK brand buckles not only for their sleek look, but because YKK has been a trusted manufacturer of closures since the 1930s. In the garment world, YKK is especially known for their strong, durable zippers, so it was lovely to know that same quality would be behind our side-release buckles.

Plastic slide & strap keeper

The last bits of our dog collars aren't quite as flashy but are still quite necessary. We use black plastic slides and strap keepers on our collars to match our side-release buckle. The slides allow the collar to be adjustable so you get the perfect fit on your pup, while the strap keeper keeps the collar tidy. The strap keeper also reduces the risk of your pup (or a playmate) getting a paw stuck through the collar.

Dash of love

The final ingredient in all of our products is a small dash of love! That dash might be a bit larger in our classic dog collars, as they were the flagship product that helped Persimmon Peak become a company. Don't forget that all of our pet gear is handmade by our founder, Jen (that's me!). Every time we make a collar for your pup, we get a little bit closer to achieving our vision

🐾 Now that you know everything that goes into one of our classic dog collars, we hope you'll feel confident in purchasing one for your pup! If you do, leave us a photo in the comment below - we love to see happy pups sporting our handmade gear :)

behind-the-scenes collars dogs from the studio process

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