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After spending most of the month reflecting on the past year and planning for the future of my business, I came to a surprising decision: I needed to change my business name. I know, I know, it was a bit of a shock to me, too! But looking back over the past 16 months, it’s clear that the business has grown and developed in many new ways; “Persimmon Peak” was simply no longer the right fit. But I knew just which name would be...

This week on the PawPrint Chronicles, I’ll walk you through the reasoning behind our name change and go over what will happen to Persimmon Peak as we transition to the new name.

From then to now: how we’ve evolved

If you’ve read the story behind Persimmon Peak, you might recall that a major appeal of that brand name was that it could be anything. Nothing about the name boxed me into any particular niche; that was fantastic for a business that was originally intended to be a side hustle to supplement my theatre career. My original plan for Persimmon Peak was to build a rugged outdoor pet gear brand that would bring handcrafted style to every hike and every adventure. My initial vision for the business included mountainous hikes, cozy campfires, and the great outdoors (see our original brand board pictured below).

Persnickety Pets: our original brand board for Persimmon Peak

A lot of that vision changed when the pandemic hit last year. As I went full time with Persimmon Peak, I began focusing less on grand visions of faraway mountains and more on the simple joys our pets bring to our lives. Like many other pet parents during this time, my pets were the bright spot that got me through many rough days. I added a weekly newsletter so email subscribers can follow me on my journey; a blog to cover all sorts of pet-centric topics; a segment on social media to share adoptable pets in our community; and perhaps most influential of all, a comic strip to help spread laughter. 

A new name for a new direction

As I built this little world around pets, the feel of the business started shifting. No longer was the focus on hiking, adventures, or conquering mountains - I began connecting with people more and more over our pets’ quirky personalities and all the ways they make us laugh. Our pets are without a doubt lovable yet weird, goofy about their toys yet downright serious about their meals. In a word, they’re persnickety.

And that’s when I knew that the name “Persnickety Pets” would better capture this new direction we’re heading; it’s more lighthearted, fun, and celebratory. After all, I’ve spent the past few months developing comic strip characters under that title and they more than anything else capture what I want my business to be all about (see The Persnickety Pets Comic here).

Persnickety Pets: our new brand board, January 2021

Working with a stronger connection

I’ve seen it over and over at craft fairs and others events — people really connect with the word “persnickety.” I’ve yet to go to an event where the term doesn’t bring about a hearty chuckle or a jubilant “OMG let me tell you about MY persnickety pet” moment. I would be remiss not to acknowledge the power of such a term for connecting with other pet parents. I mean, we all know (or have) a pet that’s a little persnickety, right? You know, that cat who only eats if you mash up his food with gravy, or that dog who won’t pee in the rain or even *gasp* walk in a puddle... Let’s face it — all of our pets have their odd little quirks and we LOVE telling people about them.

What will happen to Persimmon Peak? 

We’ll retire the name as we switch over to Persnickety Pets, but otherwise we’ll be the same business creating many of the same products and much of the same content. We’ll keep our existing logo and website design, though our site URLs will switch over as well. (Don’t worry — we’ll be setting up lots of URL redirects so any bookmarked links will still work!) I’ll still be the woman behind the show and Marmie will still be my supportive studio lackey who sometimes forgets our agreement about walking on the cutting table.

As a rather sentimental person, it wasn’t an easily-made decision, but it does feel like the right one. I will always have fond memories of Persimmon Peak. After all, it was the name that gave me the confidence to take those first steps! And the name will always live on in our logo, which was heavily inspired by a persimmon fruit. At the same time, however, I can’t deny how excited I am to continue building this community around Persnickety Pets. I hope it will be more fun, more playful, and easier for pet parents everywhere to connect with. 

Our transition to Persnickety Pets should be complete by the end of the month. 


🐾 What do you think of our fun new business name? Let us know in the comments below!

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