The Pack Freebie

This month's pack freebie is a phone wallpaper with some yummy study snacks to help you get back to school. Make sure to download your freebie before it expires at the end of September!

Persnickety Pets September 2022 Pack Freebie

Using your new wallpaper

1. Download the image file below to your phone.

2. Open your photo app and set the image as your wallpaper. Some cropping may occur depending on the screen size of your device.

Note: If you have an iPhone, our phone wallpapers are formatted to fit best with auto-zoom OFF.

Persnickety Pets Sept 2022 study snacks wallpaper

PRO TIP: This phone wallpaper is a great complement to our monthly Patreon wallpaper! If you like to mix + match your home and lock screens, please consider be coming a patron. Your support on Patreon helps me continue to offer the Persnickety Pets comic for free :)

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