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Hey lovies!

EEEE! Ohmigoodness, I am just so happy to be here!

My name is Suki, and I LOVE so many things. My first favorite thing is shoes. Or maybe socks. Mmm… nope, definitely shoes. I love finding them, tossing them around, maybe doing some light redecorating with them. SHOES!

My second favorite thing is peanut butter, which is the BEST. It’s also a love I share with my third favorite thing: small humans. I just love their little squees and giggles! Sometimes I forget how strong I am and maybe get a little wild, but my kiddie friends know that I would never hurt a fly. They just tell me to calm down and I do. I'm a very good listener.

Now I know rambuctiousness and energy might scare you a bit around the little ones, but I am here to fill you in on all of the best info involving pitties and kiddies! For more on that, make sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming series called Pittie Pointers.

That’s it for now, lovies. Gotta go seek out some hiding kiddos!

🐾 Suki

Persnickety Pets: Suki and her shoes

Dogs Lovebug pets Socks & Shoes Suki training

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