About Us

Welcome to our shop and the home of The Persnickety Pets webcomic! I’m Jen, the artist and maker behind all things Persnickety Pets.

Persnickety Pets got its unofficial start in October 2019, when I started making pet collars and leashes as a side gig to my career in theatrical costuming. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, I quickly found myself without work, without a steady income, and without a clear path forwards in a career I’d spent the last 8 years working towards.

I started drawing the Persnickety Pets webcomic in August 2020, as a way to deal with the emotions and anxiety that arose from being in lockdown during the pandemic. As someone who grew up surrounded by animals, my comic art began as a way to honor some of the pets I’ve loved through the years. Now, it’s a way for me to share those universal moments that come from being a pet parent: the cheeky attitudes that make us laugh, the silly things they do when they’re alone, the many ways they comfort us when we’re struggling.

Drawing the comic inspired me to create an assortment of products to help anxious people like me get through the day. I started making cute and colorful pet accessories that make us smile and slowly added functional art products with encouraging messages. My goal with each new product is to use the joy and warmth that our pets exude to bring a little more humor and ease to our everyday lives.

Currently, every Persnickety Pets product is designed, drawn, and made by me in my home studio, with a dash of love, lots of care, and pethan’s a stray pet hair (or two). By focusing on the positive, supportive nature of the bond between pets and their people, I hope that this business brings as much joy to you as it does to me!


My Persnickety Pets

My husband and I share our home with three delightful, rescued fur kids: Balou, a goober of a cattle dog mix who was our first pet together; Amira, a sideways-sitting pittie mix who we foster-failed; and Marmie, a feisty orange tabby who wobbled into my teenaged life as a tiny lost kitten. Our fluffy tabby, Kiowa, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022, but I can still hear her telling us exactly what she thinks. These goofballs have served as the inspiration for a lot of my comics — so much so that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to illustrate all of the antics that have made it onto my list!

Persnickety Pets: Jen and her fur kids

Meet Our Photographers

We occasionally collaborate with pet and product photographers to help bring our products to life. Check out their stunning portfolios and follow them on social media to see more of their work!

Persnickety Pets: Andrea Cacho Photography

Andrea Cacho Photography

Washington, D.C.

Persnickety Pets: custom hand-drawn pet portrait, Brittany Tinsley Photography

Brittany Tinsley Photography

Dallas, TX

Persnickety Pets: Laura Skellie Photography

Laura Skellie Photography

Savannah, GA

Persnickety Pets: Moira Nolan Photography

Moira Nolan Photography

Moline, IL

Persnickety Pets: harvest plaid breakaway cat collar, Persimmon Lane Photography  

Persimmon Lane Photography

Owings, MD

Persnickety Pets: classic dog collar, Photography by Kim Smith

Photography by Kim Smith

Birch Run, MI

Persnickety Pets: Sasha Weekes Photography

Sasha Weekes Photography

Prince Edward Island, Canada