About Us

At Persnickety Pets, we're all about the joy & humor our pets bring us! From big goofy doggo grins to soft kitty purrs, our pets are a bright spot in hard times; we want to celebrate the delight they bring us in each of our designs.

Persnickety Pets was founded in October 2019 by artist and seamstress Jen Siow. As someone who was always surrounded by animals, Jen set out to create a livelihood that would keep her in touch with her pet-loving side. Every Persnickety Pets product is designed and made by Jen with a dash of love and lots of care.

Persnickety Pets: Jen at the sewing machine!

For our first 16 months of business, we operated under the name Persimmon Peak. In January 2021, after much reflection and planning for the future, we decided to rename the company Persnickety Pets - read about why we made that decision here.

Jen and her husband, Carl, share their home with their three delightful fur kids: Balou, Marmie, and Kiowa. Learn more about them over on our blog, the PawPrint Chronicles.

Persnickety Pets: Jen and her fur babies

Meet Our Photographers

We occasionally collaborate with pet and product photographers to help bring our products to life. Check out their stunning portfolios and follow them on social media to see more of their amazing work!

Persnickety Pets: Andrea Cacho Photography

Andrea Cacho Photography

Washington, D.C.

Persnickety Pets: custom hand-drawn pet portrait, Brittany Tinsley Photography

Brittany Tinsley Photography

Dallas, TX

Persnickety Pets: Laura Skellie Photography

Laura Skellie Photography

Savannah, GA

Persnickety Pets: Moira Nolan Photography

Moira Nolan Photography

Moline, IL

Persnickety Pets: harvest plaid breakaway cat collar, Persimmon Lane Photography  

Persimmon Lane Photography

Owings, MD

Persnickety Pets: classic dog collar, Photography by Kim Smith

Photography by Kim Smith

Birch Run, MI

Persnickety Pets: Sasha Weekes Photography

Sasha Weekes Photography

Prince Edward Island, Canada