Tucker the Ruffian

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He's a lovable prankster with fetching good looks... and you better believe he knows how to charm his way out of trouble. This clever corgi is always chasing down an idea, an adventure, or a pesky squirrel.

Personality: Ruffian

Favorite food: steak, pork chops, hotdogs

Favorite toy: anything he can de-fluff

Favorite activities: planning pranks, playing Mario Kart in real life

Strengths: strong for his size, fetching good looks

Weaknesses: can be a bit foolhardy, tends to believe the cat

Likes: adventures, jumping into leaf piles

Dislikes: tall things, squirrels

Best friend: Giovanni

Special skill: charming his way out of trouble

Follow Tucker's wild adventures in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets. 

The Persnickety Pets: Tucker collage


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