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The Persnickety Pets comic by Jen Siow: “Around the Campfire”

As much as possible, I try to make sure that the art I create and the comics I draw remain a source of humor and joy, especially as we navigate difficult times. Sometimes you just need something to smile about to get you through the day. And I know for many of you, Persnickety Pets is that something you can smile about.

While I do hope you can smile about this comic, it was created with a message in mind: we firmly support a person’s right to choose what is best for their body, for their family, and for their future. Just as we support a person’s right to be who they are, to marry who they love, and to worship how they please. Your body, your life, your choice.

The past few days have made it very hard for me to smile about anything; I’ve been looking, but I can’t seem to find that common thread of joy and humor that we can all relate to. It’s hard to feel like your work matters when your country has just told you that YOU don’t matter; that you couldn’t possibly know what is best for you; that you, as a person, have fewer rights than a bundle of metal and gunpowder and hate.

It took many hours of sketching and many more rounds of editing to create this comic for you today, but I am glad I saw it through. In such distressing times, I feel it is my responsibility to keep finding those small moments of humor and light, to illustrate them, to bring them to life with joy and love, and to share them with anyone who would like to see them. It does not feel like there is much I can do right now, but I do know that I can do this.


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