Bubba McTrubba the Chonky Cat

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He's a tenacious boi with a hungry gaze and he saw you open those snacks... Hope you planned on sharing! A little eccentric, a little stubborn but always with an eye on the bigger picture, this tuxedo tabby cat is a total foodie who knows ALL the things about ALL the foods.

Personality: Chonky Cat

Favorite food: shrimp, cheese

Favorite toy: anything that dispenses food

Favorite activities: plotting new ways to get food

Strengths: tenacious, free-spirited, dedicated to his cause

Weaknesses: easily distracted, often stubborn in his convictions

Likes: snackums, hanging out in the kitchen

Dislikes: empty bowls

Best friend: Chloe

Special skill: “mousing”


The Persnickety Pets: Bubba collage

Follow along with Bubba's foodie adventures in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.

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