Skipper the Goofy Goober

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He's a loveable goof who just wants to make new friends. Playtime is the best time, unless it's bacon time... then that's the best time! This golden retriever is a sensitive, kindhearted fellow who is only a *little* gullible.

Personality: Goofy Goober

Favorite food: bacon

Favorite toy: rope tug

Favorite activities: tug-of-war, being a good boi

Strengths: lovable and trusting, can cheer anyone up

Weaknesses: a littler derpy, can be gullible (almost always)

Likes: sunshine, pets, neck scratches

Dislikes: loud noises, yelling

Best friend: Marmalade

Special skill: making people smile


Follow along with Skipper's good boi adventures in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.

The Persnickety Pets: Skipper collage


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