Call me Tuck, Dragonslayer

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Oh, hello there! The name's Tucker. But you can call me Tuck, if you'd like. Like that brilliant trickster “Puck” but with a “T”.

If you can't find me defluffing my favorite toy, I'm probably off on a grand adventure. You ever heard of dragons? Well, I fight ‘em everyday in my backyard. Fluffy-tailed devils, they are! Running up in the trees where I can't get em… it's just downright cowardly! Never met one I couldn't charm down from the tree to chase, though. You see, it’s a simple matter of waiting for that *perfect* moment.

But more on that later. My human needs me to assist him in retrieving the newspaper. I must protect him from the Mighty Door Monster who gaurds it. Wish me luck!

🐾 Tucker

Persnickety Pets: Tucker tree dragon


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