I Shall Wail in Song

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Hello my fine felines!

I'm Giovanni and I am, in a word, a virtuoso. My name is aptly given, as ‘tis my dream to play Don Giovanni in Mozart's opera of the same name. Alas, no room has yet been made for us poor felines in the world of opera. We must content ourselves with only those musical cat food commercials.

Until my time comes, I shall wail in song throughout the night to maintain my talent. My humans clamor with joy when I begin my vocal exercises as they lay their heads down to rest at night. I am glad to hear they appreciate my abilities as they sing along with me. I know they require my lullaby for a deep and restful slumber.

Forgive me, but I must go find some water to make a splash for that last grand crescendo into our finale!

"The naming of cats is a difficult matter, it isn't just one of your holiday games."

- Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats, 1981

🐾 Giovanni

Persnickety Pets: Giovanni shall sing


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