Fireside Mysteries

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Hello loves!

Agatha's the name, and connecting the dots is my game. I enjoy watching the shapes prance about while I lay next to the fireplace. They’re almost like spirits from another world, but my human says they are just these things called “shadows”.

Sometimes when we sit by the fire, my human will read to me from these heavy things called “books.” I especially love when they bring home a mystery! Puzzles are my favorite and I love to gather clues.

I really wish I could go with my humans to the "library," which is the place where all the books live. I would love to get my claws into that wonderful establishment! So many places to stalk the red dot... Alas! My human says they don’t allow cats inside.

Anywho, I must return to my human — we’ve got a cozy spot by the fire and they’ll need my help to figure out who “dun it” this time in our game of Clue!

Ta ta, loves!

 🐾 Agatha

Persnickety Pets: Agatha bookmarks the spot

Agatha behind-the-scenes cats Curious Kitty The Persnickety Pets

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