How to Take Care of Your Hooman

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Hewwo frens!

Do you haves a hooman? Do you wants to know how to make it happy? Hoomans can be a lot of work, but I‘ve been taking da notes on how care for them. Here are 5 way to keep your hooman happy and healthy, from da best to da better best:

5. Walk in da sun wif your hooman

Dis a good way to see fun stuffs around da ‘hood and to meet da new peoples. Dis also a good way to cheers up your hooman if your hooman is feeling gloomy. Exercise keeps da blues away from da hoomans, so try to take your hooman on daily walks.

4. Start an adventure blog wif your hooman

Dis is my most clever of ideas becuz your hooman has to do all da adventures wif you! I like beach trips da best but my hooman likes to take me to da brewpubs. It doesn’t matter where, just get your hooman to take you to new places!

3. Play da games wif your hooman

Most hoomans spend too much time doing da works and not enough time doing da plays. Bring your hooman a tug rope every day so they have to takes da breaks and do da plays. Is good for hooman to smile more.

2. Eat da bacon wif your hooman

Dis is my tastiest tip! A busy hooman sometimes forgets to eat da good foods. Make sure your hooman eats da good foods so they are strong and full. A full hooman is a happy hooman.

1. Do da cuddles wif your hooman

A lot of hoomans spend their time always going about. Make sure your hooman takes some time to rest and nap. Sit on your hooman if you musts. They need naps or they will be too cranky and tired to do da adventures.

Welp frens, I hope these tips make your hooman happy! Did I miss any happy hooman tips? If so, leave me a note in da comments. 

Bye bye for now!

🐾 Skipper

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