May 2022 Patreon Rewards

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New rewards are available on our Patreon page! The featured Persnickety Pet for the month of May is Agatha and patrons voted for a “books” theme for this month’s rewards.

Persnickety Pets: May 2022 Patreon wallpapers

All May rewards feature an illustration of an elegant cat statue perched atop a selection of cat-themed book titles. In our animated wallpaper, Agatha sneaks up on the statue to knock it off its pedestal. Why? Because there can only be one black cat in Agatha’s world!

Persnickety Pets: May 2022 Patreon planner sheets and coloring page

Depending on your tier, rewards include cute and useful goodies like: phone wallpapers, tablet and desktop wallpapers, coloring pages, printable planner sheets, monthly voting rights, and discount codes for our online shop.

Head over to our Patreon page to become a patron and get these cute rewards for you!

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