March 2023 Ko-fi Rewards

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A new comic and new rewards are available on our Ko-fi page! For our first-ever Ko-fi comic, supporters chose the theme of “nocturnal cat society”. Naturally, I had to put Agatha the Curious Kitty in charge. In this secret cat society, there’s an ancient rivalry, a lot of scheming, an ill-drawn diagram, and of course, all the Persnickety cats.

Persnickety Pets March Ko-fi rewards

Ko-fi supporters at all tiers help me draw a new comic each month and get some exclusive goodies along the way! Depending on your tier, rewards include: digital phone wallpapers, printable coloring pages and planner sheets, rotating physical goodies, and discount codes for our online shop.

This month, all supporters also get to learn the Nocturnal Cat Society’s secret motto, hehe.

Head over to our Ko-fi page to help me draw next month’s comic!

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