We’re switching from Patreon to Ko-fi (here’s why)

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I have some exciting news... I found a new platform to host our monthly membership clubs! While I’ve learned a lot from using Patreon over the past year, I’ve also hit some limitations with it.

The new platform I‘m switching to is called Ko-fi (rhymes with “no-fee”). Over the past year they’ve rolled out some new features that I think make them a stronger long-term choice for my plans with Persnickety Pets. Here are my top reasons for switching:

  • In addition to monthly memberships, Ko-fi supporters can make one-time donations/tips. No account is needed to do this and it gives people another way support the comic when and how they can.
  • Ko-fi includes a crowdfunding feature that will be super handy for big goals down the road (like creating a board game and publishing a book!).
  • Ko-Fi fees will be about half of what Patreon takes, and those fees will actually decrease as my supporter base grows. This will make it easier to meet the necessary margins to start offering physical rewards (in fact, there is a new tier on Ko-fi for just that!).

I love that Ko-fi will be an “all-in-one” way for people to support the comic and the bigger art projects that will stem from it. One of my goals in 2023 is to simplify the business and Ko-fi is definitely going to help me do that.

In trying to simplify things, I’m also shifting the focus of our monthly membership clubs: instead of drawing rewards based on the comic characters, monthly supporters are going to start working on the comic with me. That means that supporters are going to pitch in their ideas for the comic, help me decide what to draw next, AND get some cute digital rewards along the way!

I’ve just finished setting up our new Ko-fi page and would love to see you over there! 

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