The Recipe to My Heart

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Hi foodies!

I'm Bubba McTrubba, and you've entered Kitty Cuisine Country!

I'm the coolest cat this side of the Cheesecake Factory, and I’m here to give you the recipe to my heart. And my tum tum. Look at my magnificent tum tum. Isn’t it glorious?? Hey! NO TOUCH!

From shrimp to cheese to even more cheese, we’re here to talk about food. Snacks. Snackums. FOOD. Send me all of your pawesome recipes, your favorite flavors, your tasty treats. I’ll share them with my companion with the opposable thumbs and together we can make sure no bowl ever goes empty again!

Check back here for more good eats, but for now… DINNER!

🐾 Bubba McTrubba


 Persnickety Pets: Bubba’s world of cheese

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