Fig the Hardworking Hound

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She’s an ambitious hound and heeler mix who isn’t afraid to follow her nose. She has a great appreciation for structure and order and works hard to earn praise for a job well done.

Personality: Hardworking Hound

Favorite food: aromatic cheeses

Favorite toy: antler chews

Favorite activities: learning new skills, cooking with her humans

Favorite season: winter

Strengths: disciplined and diligent, highly trustworthy

Weaknesses: prone to negative thinking, can be a workaholic

Likes: tricky puzzles, spending time with friends

Dislikes: messy spaces, being late

Best friend: Freya

Special skill: going down rabbit holes

Follow Fig as she follows her nose in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.

The Persnickety Pets: Fig collage

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