Freya the Purrfectionist

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As meticulous as she is floofy, this analytical calico is obsessed with the details. She only feels settled when everything is in its place and she has a hard time making decisions until she has looked at things from every possible angle.

Personality: Purrfectionist

Favorite food: eggs

Favorite toy: the ball in the track

Favorite activities: tidying up, overthinking

Favorite season: summer

Strengths: patient and kind, highly organized

Weaknesses: crippling indecision, can be overly critical

Likes: helping out a friend, lounging in a fluff puddle

Dislikes: dirt, clutter, disturbances

Best friend: Fig

Special skill: knowing when something is out of place

Follow Freya’s adventures in purrfection in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.


The Persnickety Pets: Freya collage


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