Persimmon the Pampered Pup

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Cute and spunky, this indulgent girl loves to enjoy the finer things (and moments) in life. She’s a devoted, dependable friend who works hard and chills hard.

Personality: Pampered Pup

Favorite food: lobster

Favorite toy: plush cuddle bed

Favorite activities: going shopping at the pet store then chilling at home

Favorite season: spring

Strengths: analyzing situations, playing the long game

Weaknesses: opinionated and bull-headed, could be described as fussy

Likes: cozy spaces, fancy foods, spa days

Dislikes: a packed schedule, peeing outside

Best friend: Bubba

Special skill: using her fierce stare to get what she wants

Follow Persimmon’s pursuit of luxury in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.

The Persnickety Pets: Persimmon collage

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