Nugget the Pint-Sized Punk

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This self-assertive terrier mix doesn’t let his small stature keep him from leading a big life! Known for having a bit of a reckless streak, he’s a courageous pup with an invincible spirit and he ALWAYS likes to win.

Personality: Pint-Sized Punk

Favorite food: bacon cheeseburger with fries

Favorite toy: anything he can shake

Favorite activities: standing tall, hanging out with friends

Favorite season: spring

Strengths: cunning, daring, strutting about

Weaknesses: hot-headed, quarrelsome, can be impatient

Likes: being in charge, taking on a new challenge

Dislikes: big dogs, tall dogs, horses

Best friend: Sir Sesame

Special skill: putting himself first

Follow Nugget as he takes on the world in our original weekly comic, The Persnickety Pets.

The Persnickety Pets: Nugget collage

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