Meet the Persnickety Pets

They’re a cute and quirky crew of dogs and cats and they're here to make you laugh! Learn about each Persnickety Pet, read their stories, and follow their illustrated adventures in our weekly comic.

The Virtuoso


He's a fiery, slightly pompous baritone with a talent for "singing." He loves water, but absolutely hates baths. This Maine Coon mix is one fine feline with a big heart and an even bigger flair for the dramatic.

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The Lovebug


She's a sweet, wiggly shoe collector who just wants to give kisses. A bubbly pittie mix who enjoys cuddles, kiddos, and PB&J sandwiches, family is everything to this lovable girl.

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The Chonky Cat

Bubba McTrubba

He's a tenacious boi with a hungry gaze and he saw you open those snacks... Hope you planned on sharing! A little eccentric, a little stubborn but always with an eye on the bigger picture, this tuxedo tabby cat is a total foodie who knows ALL the things about ALL the foods.

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The Goofy Goober


He's a loveable goof who just wants to make new friends. Playtime is the best time, unless it's bacon time... then that's the best time! This golden boy is a sensitive, kindhearted fellow who is only a *little* gullible.

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The Studio Cat


Ever the "helpful" companion, she's a dedicated sidekick who loves boxes, naps, and napping in boxes. But this swirly orange tabby cat isn't afraid to knock some sh*t around; she's not putting up with nonsense if it's going to get in the way of her good day.

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The Ruffian


He's a lovable prankster with fetching good looks... and you better believe he knows how to charm his way out of trouble. This clever fellow is always chasing down an idea, an adventure, or a pesky squirrel.

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The Curious Kitty


She loves a good mystery and she's not going to rest until she has ALL the answers. Whether she's playing Clue with her humans or trying to figure out where that red dot goes, this floofy void kitty is always on a quest for knowledge.

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